Maui Photographers for Kaua’i | A Fundraising Event

The first time I went to Hanalei in Kauai I felt like I was stepping out of the world I knew and entering a place I had only seen in my dreams.

A half-moon bay of golden sands meets sparkling blue waters with mountains erupting out of the ground. There are waterfalls cascading down the cliffside and greenery engulfing inch of the mountain. It is a truly magical place. I’ve traveled all over the world with my husband and when people ask my my favorite place, I always tell them it’s Hanalei.

So when I heard about the flooding, I was devastated. Kaua’i is my spirit island – the place that calls me back a few times a year (I went there FOUR times last year and even had my maternity photos done there) and the spot I always want to visit when life gets crazy.

And the thought that I couldn’t be there to physically help the communities affected made me so sad.

But only for a few minutes.

I quickly got on the phone and texted the best photographers I know. I told them my idea – and they jumped on board. And Maui Photographers for Kaua’i was born!

Together, we are offering mini-sessions to benefit Kaua’i. Most of them will be happening on April 29 around the island of Maui.

NV Maui Media – May 4
Jenny Vargas Photography – May 2  SOLD OUT
Amy Jayne Photography – April 28    SOLD OUT

Kristy Copperfield Photography – May 5* (different pricing)   SOLD OUT
Aloha Portraits – May 5



  1. Contact the photographer you’d like to photograph you!
  2. Confirm availability with them! These slots will likely go fast, so you’ll want to pay ASAP
  3. Pay with the Go Fund Me link
  4. Your photographer will confirm and send you instructions about your mini-session!


All proceeds will be going to a non-profit under Maui Photographer’s for Kaua’i. Even if you don’t want a mini-session, you can still donate!

I feel so proud to call these amazing colleagues friends.

And to my Kaua’i friends – hang in there.

Kaua’i Photos by the super talented Meg Bradyhouse

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