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If you have ever scheduled a photo session you are probably aware of the array of emotions that come before during and after! Excitement, anxiousness, elation…and then a bit of fear.

What the HECK are you going to dress everyone in?! If you’re fashionably impaired like me or you just like some direction, this post will help you coordinate family outfits!

If you’re unsure where to start…consider the location of your shoot!

If we are meeting on the beach, think about the colors you will see on the beach: creams, blues, light pinks, light greens, light orange. Check out some of these families that ROCKED their beach session!

coordinating maui outfit 3 Vasin Family-54what to wear maui family portraitswhat to wear on the beach mauiwhat to wear maui photoscoordinating outfits maui 2

(That green you see above? That’s what we call a pop color and it’s located on that pretty blonde sitting in the front! Accessorizing is a great way to add extra color to your session!)

Not having a session on the beach? That’s OK too!

These families had sessions a bit more off the beaten path but they still rocked their family styling!

family outfits coordinatewhat to wear engagement session mauijungle engagement session what to wear

(that dark red color above is in reference to her nails! Even her lipstick matched. Makeup is also a great way to bring in more colors to your session!)


Whatever you choose, be sure that you’re comfortable! You look best when you feel best!

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