Engagement Session in Kapalua | Donna + Rin

Engagement Session in Kapalua

Donna and Rin are engaged and decided to do their engagement session in Kapalua while vacationing on Maui.  These two really loved the appeal of Honolua Jungle in Northwest Maui.  The Honolua Jungle looks ethereal and green and lush and everything that dreams are made of!

I have to tell you, this is one of the best days that we’ve shot in the jungle.  The light was streaming through the canopy, and it was absolutely stunning.  I was really happy for them that they got this amazing light because sometimes that jungle can be very dark.  So we spent some time in Honolua doing some light-play stuff: which is my favorite.  We even got some sun-flares in there!  

Afterwards we headed to DT Fleming Beach.  This isn’t a beach I shoot at a lot because there tends to be a decent amount of debris on it, but that day it looked really nice.  And the light was shining through the trees so beautifully I knew we had to stop at this spot!  

In addition, they wanted to be a little more adventurous.  So, we walked up onto the cliffs known as “Dragon’s Teeth” on the south end of the beach. Those were some of my favorite photos because it’s so unique up there.  We had great views of the ocean and the lava rocks, and how it’s been licked up by the ocean.  

After we got some gorgeous shots up on the cliff, we headed back down to the beach where we had a quick outfit change.  Donna and Rin got in the ocean and played a little bit!  Another really cool thing about this day was because of the tides there was this sandbar and the water was so calm.  So they were able to walk really far out into the water and the water only ever reached their knees. I love it when couples are willing to jump in the water and get the cool ocean shots, but I’m always a little nervous that a big wave might come and take them out!  So having this sandbar was pretty awesome because we didn’t have to worry about it!

Donna and Rin:  I’m so excited we got such awesome shots during your engagement session in Kapalua!  Congratulations on your engagement!

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