Gorgeous Maui Wedding at Sugarman’s Estate | Kelsey and Kory

Gorgeous Maui Wedding at Sugarman’s Estate

Last year I met Kelsey and Kory through Kara of Your Aloha Wedding Company – and I was instantly smitten with them. We had their engagement session on Baldwin Beach last year and I knew that the wedding these two were planning was going to be epic.

Kelsey and Kory met in high school and if you spend 10 minutes around them you can tell that their love for one another runs deep. Between MMORPGs (massive-multiplayer-online-role-playing-games) and a love of working out, these two do everything together.

Their day had so many amazing details – customized surfboard seating chart, calligraphied place settings, a customized shave ice menu, a surprise fire dancing performance, and gorgeous pink and peach florals aplenty.

We had some rain before the ceremony, but Kara and her team were able to preserve all the details under the covered tent until the rain stopped and we were able to begin the ceremony. But I’ll tell you what – rain always brings the best sunsets!

custom sign for wedding maui unplugged wedding sign gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0003 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0004 drunk in love napkins gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0006gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0008 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0009 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0010 closer up of wedding rings wedding rings on invitation gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0013 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0014 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0015 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0016 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0017 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0018 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0019 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0020red headed bride half updo gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0022 girls getting ready at sugarman's estate gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0024 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0025 bride being escorted by father gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0028 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0029 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0030 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0031 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0032gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0033 wedding party poses gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0035 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0036 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0037 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0038 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0039 coral napkin placements gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0041 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0042 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0043 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0044 coral and pink wedding cake inspiration custom calligraphy groom sign gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0047 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0048 bride and groom taking selfie gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0050 maui bride and groom at sunset gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0052 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0053 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0054 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0056 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0057 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0058 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0059 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0060 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0061 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0062 manutea nui e maui firedancing gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0064 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0065 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0066 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0067 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0068 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0069 gorgeous-maui-wedding-at-sugarmans-estate_0070

Kelsey and Kory: Thank you for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous Maui wedding at Sugarman’s Estate. There was so much love and beauty in your special day; it was an honor to be a part of it!


Coordination: Your Aloha Wedding Company | Photography: Angela Nelson Photography | Videography: Stephan Boeker Films  |  Flowers: Dellables  |  Venue: Sugarman’s Estate  |  Dress: Truvelle Bridal  |  Officiant: Pia Aluli  |  Music: DJ Del Sol  |  Shave ice: Ululanis Shave Ice  |  Hair and Makeup: Maui Mira  |  Calligraphy: Miss B Calligraphy

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