Maternity Photos at the Cliffs of Honolua | Kevin + Eunjin

Maternity Photos at the Cliffs of Ironwoods

There was something incredibly romantic about taking these maternity photos at the cliffs of Ironwoods, the Honolua jungle and a north shore beach.  Being 32 weeks pregnant while I was shooting this session and being able to share in the bliss of being an expectant mother with Eunjin was a special experience.

While they were just 24 weeks pregnant, Eunjin and Kevin were visiting from California and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get their maternity shots done while they were on Maui.  (Usually, maternity shots are taken when the mother-to-be is between 27 and 34 weeks along. But as you can see, going for it when you get the opportunity can work out beautifully, too!)

They opted to get their photos done on Maui’s Northwest shore.  I took them to the Honolua Jungle, Ironwoods Beach, and most notably the cliffs above the beach.  Truly, the cliffs of Ironwoods is one of my favorite spots to shoot.  First, the light was gorgeous that evening.  And we had just the right amount of wind.  I love how Maui winds make women look–a little movie star glam!

When we were making our way to the different locations, it was neat to share with Eunjin about the woes of pregnancy.  The woes and the ah-ha moments, of course.  Those first kicks, the crazy mood swings, and the cravings for oranges!  However, I’m a little jealous that these two have totally decided on a name for their little man on the way, Kaleb. My husband and I are still going back and forth on a name for our little baby-to-be!  What a gorgeous family this is!

Maternity photos in Honolua Jungle husband and wife touching belly Pregnant woman and husand in honolua jungle maternity shot light streaming in man and pregnant wife walking hand in hand in Maui jungle pregnant woman looking to the sky, cradling her belly, light streaming in through the treas Maternity photo of woman looking down at her belly and one of husband and wife embracing Pregnant couple in a field of greens surrounded by Maui trees Husband and wife hugging in between the trees lovely close up of husband and pregnant wife a belly shot with mom and dad's hands around her pregnant belly ultrasound picture in front of pregnant belly couples maternity shot on Maui boardwalk with ultrasound in front of her stomach cuddling couple at their maternity session kissing parents-to-be on the cliffs of honolua amazing sunset hitting the rocks, couple kissing on cliff romantic shot of pregnant couple kissing on the cliffs of honolua expecting couple walking down Maui beach hand in hand woman expecting walking closely with her husband down the beach beach maternity shot of couple dancing on the beach windswept maternity photo of loving couple kissing mom-to-be kissing her love on a Maui beach

Eunjin and Kevin:  Thank you for choosing Angela Nelson Photography to take your maternity photos at the cliffs of Honolua and all the other places we visited!  Wishing you all the happiness in the world for you and your little man on the way!

Traveling to Maui during your pregnancy?  Let’s set up a dreamy north shore maternity shoot!  Contact me here.

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