Megan+David: Adventurous Maui Couples Photographer

A few months ago I launched a Facebook contest calling for adventurous couples who were willing to canoodle in bamboo or snuggle on a mountain top rather than splash around in the surf. I got nine different couples to enter and four of them won!

This couple was the first to have their session done. David was born and raised on Maui and met his sweetheart Megan on top of a mountain in Laos. Did you just read what I said? I mean, really–is this the beginning of a Nicholas Sparks novel or what? These two are not strangers to adventure so I was elated when I found out that they won!

wailea maui sunset family photographer_0026

Because David is from Upcountry Maui, I thought this location would be perfect. It boasts wide open fields, cool trees, and a stellar view of Maui on a clear day. The cloud ceiling was a bit low that day, but that certainly didn’t put a damper on these two.wailea maui sunset family photographer_0028wailea maui sunset family photographer_0033On our drive back down to Megan and David’s vehicle, we swung by some other great spots to snap some shots. Dave knew about this old abandon church; and I was pretty much in love at first site. Delapidated walls, flowering bushes and tall grass? Yes, please!

wailea maui sunset family photographer_0029 wailea maui sunset family photographer_0030

We pulled over one last time to catch the last little glimpse of the sunset. The light was warm and creamy and these two were down for another location–so why not? Maui is so amazing in that pulling over to the side of the road can sometimes be the best location!wailea maui sunset family photographer_0031
David and Megan: Your love story is truly inspiring. From adventures on the top of a mountain in Laos to your adventures in parenting and living on Maui–you truly embody what it’s like to love to the fullest.

Thank you for entering my contest, it was truly a pleasure!

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  1. The last shot is beautiful – your faces are so expressive and full of love – it brought tears to my eyes.

  2. Not only do you see the beauty on the outside of this young couple, I see a the peace and inner beauty of true love,

  3. These are such amazing photos! Congrats to you both. And the last one is my absolutely fav!!! Gorgeous all around both of you and beautiful photography.

  4. These pictures are fantastic! I really love the abandoned church photo! Gorgeous and what fun!

  5. The love is so visible in every single picture, you two are a wonderful couple, hope to see you soon.

  6. Don’t you just love a great photographer? Beautiful pictures Megan!!!

  7. Beautiful photos! I love everything about them…and you guys look great!

  8. Amazing couple, amazing photos. They really capture the beauty these two share!

  9. So beautiful! Megan, you and David look positively blissful. What a wonderful photo shoot!

  10. I personally know Dave and Megan. You have captured their essence in all the photos: their love, their playfulness. The black and white is shouting : Perfect!

  11. Amazing shots Megan – can see both lots of love and fun between you and David in the stunning locations around where you live too! Beautifully captured <3 <3 🙂

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