Oahu Wedding Photographer | HI on Life Workshop


I’m not going to lie: I’m kind of embarrassed to be here right now. Because it’s been nearly¬†A YEAR since the HI on Life Photography Workshop on Oahu. My friend Jenna of Jenna Leigh Photography was amazing in setting everything up! We had the best of the best. Speakers included: Trevor Dayley, Susan Stripling, Julie Paisley, Jeremy Chou, Right Start Photography, Cooked Photography, Abby Plus Dave, Rachel Brenke, Theilen Photography and Two Mann Studios (I’m taking their workshop in April!!!!). It was three days of pure awesome as we got to learn from some of the best in the industry! And to have them only one island away was a total treat for me!

So why has it taken me a whole year to share images and blog about it?

Well, I was sick. And I didn’t really know it when I was there. Jenna actually asked me to co-host a shootout with Trevor Dayley. GULP. Are you kidding me??? Honestly, I didn’t have much to add as Trevor is a master of light – but I could teach a few folks about changing perspective and shooting on the beach and near the ocean. Sounds simple but so many people come from the mainland with amazing backlighting that when they’re faced with wide-open sky it’s actually tough to handle!

I wasn’t on my A-Game during that shoot out.

I did the best I could, but holy smokes I was hurting. I kept thinking it was my hips. See, I had just entered my third trimester and everyone said I would start to get sore easily. The first night I was there I actually was up half the night with severe pain, but I just kept thinking that I pushed it too much that day during the shootout! A huge nod to my awesome roommates (Elizabeth from Elizabeth Lloyd Photography, Danielle of Danielle Stone Photography, and Alyssa of Alyssa Poland Photography) who all helped me throughout the workshop by getting me Tylenol and offering to carry stuff for me!

The Conference was Monday through Wednesday. I took the last flight home Wednesday night – it’s only a 30 minute hop over to Maui, so I was able to sleep in my own bed that night. But as soon as I hopped off that plane on Maui, the pain was hardly tolerable. I went home thinking a bath would help, but it didn’t.

At 1 AM I told Anthony to take me to the hospital because something was off. I was in SO much pain.

Long story kind of short: I had kidney stones. I spent the next 12 hours on a morphine drip and doing blood work to figure out what the heck was wrong. Thank goodness that baby was OK and I was OK!

So It took a year.

After my recovery, real life amped up and my images sat dormant on a memory card. It’s so ridiculous, but that’s how things go. But I wanted to take the time to thank our incredible vendors for this workshop including the isanely talented Stacey Childers who did our styling and Jeff Alancastre who did our flowers!

A big thanks to everyone who made this workshop happen (especially Jenna), my super sweet roomies for taking care of me, and all the vendors who have been extraordinarily patient as I got these images to them!

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