Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Photos on Maui | Azelin + Jeremy

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Photos on Maui

Azelin and Jeremy came to Maui to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  While here, they treated themselves to ten year wedding anniversary photos on Maui.

We started the photo shoot in South Maui at Maluaka Beach where we had some gorgeous tropical flowers to work with.  Azelin wore this gorgeous teal dress that I was absolutely in love with! Before the shoot, one of the awesome stylists at Maui Makeup Artistry did Azelin’s hair and makeup. I love that she really got done up for this photo shoot. She looked absolutely flawless.

We enjoyed some time at the Maluaka Beach before heading over to the lava fields in La Perouse.  I love this area when the light is right.  The lighting here has to be a little diffused by clouds. We had plenty of clouds that evening.  I love the stark contrast between the bright sky and the blue water and the dark lava rocks there.  We got some incredible shots in the lava fields. Then, we made our way to an area near there with a little more greenery.

When we were near the greenery, a kaleidoscope of butterflies surrounded the couple (that’s really what a group of butterflies is called!  Cute, right?).  I kept trying to get a shot of these sweethearts with the butterflies. But they’re harder to capture on camera than I thought they would be!  I got a couple great shots of them with the butterflies, and all the sudden it was on to our next location!

We then went over to one of my favorite lava rock jetties a little closer to Kihei where the sky had the most gorgeous light.  After some time there, we ended at  Po’olenalena Beach.  To end the session, Azelin and Jeremy were running through the surf and the beach, enjoying their time together on their anniversary and I just snapped away.

Azelin and Jeremy:  Thank you so much for choosing Angela Nelson Photography to shoot your ten year wedding anniversary photos on Maui. Congrats on ten years together! And cheers to many more!

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