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YOUR MAUI PHOTOGRAPHER Capturing the True and Unique You in Every Frame

Aloha! I’m Angie


Maui photographer • adventure-seeker • MIDWEST GIRL AT HEART • WIFE TO ANTHONY • MAMA TO EDDY SUE & CLAIRE MARIE

In 2009, I left my Midwest roots behind to live out my Neverland dreams in Maui, Hawaii.

As a recovering high school English teacher, my journey as a Maui photographer began as a rediscovery of the captivating beauty in everyday moments.

Since dusting off the camera in 2011 and becoming a full-time photographer in 2014, I’ve had the privilege of documenting over 200 weddings at diverse venues across the island -but what truly defines me is not just my lens craft, but my role as a mother.

When I welcomed my first daughter in 2017, my perspective on life shifted profoundly. Beyond being a Maui photographer, I’ve become a keeper of memories—a role that resonates deeply with the belief that your wedding day is a pivotal chapter in your ever-evolving story.

I am here to offer more than just photography; I am your ally in preserving the intricate details of your best day ever. From the subtle tear in your mom’s eye to your nephew picking his nose during the ceremony, and even your uncle’s inappropriate dancefloor shenanigans — these are the moments that make your day uniquely yours.

While details may fade over time, the emotions and memories will endure through your carefully curated photos to share with the generations to come.

Angela Nelson - Maui Photographer for Weddings and Elopements. Angela also is Coach for Wedding Photographers



The most important things to me will always be my friends and family.

Which is why, as a Maui photographer, I’m hard-wired to take photographing your day so seriously.
Creating a visual inheritance to pass down to your children and grandchildren – it’s why I do what I do.

  • My daughters, Evelyn and Claire
  • The Hubs, Anthony, with whom I fell in love at 14 (but didn’t marry until 23)
  • The vividness of the sky 15 minutes after sunset
  • Unwinding with a chilly Sauv Blanc on the deck while the kids play in the yard… until one of them inevitably has a meltdown and we know it’s time for bed
  • A good piece of dark chocolate, all the better if paired with an oat milk vanilla latte and great conversation around the fire
  • Exploring natural wonders old and new — alone, with my family, or while photographing adventurous couples!
  • Listening to audiobooks and podcasts – while I love music, I find that listening to stories keeps my brain happy
  • Traveling – we love to hop on an airplane and explore new and amazing places!
Photograph of a family in bathing suits playing in a lake


I’ve gone on a lot of crazy adventures over the years – both in my pre-parent life and in my now-mom life. From traveling around the world to paddling to almost every Hawaiian island, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some really cool (or maybe stupid?) shit and photographed it every step of the way.

There was no question about who HAD to photograph our wedding.

Angie is IT. She is so fun, professional, and down to try just about anything. I cannot even describe how grateful we are for the moments Angie captured on our wedding day. Worth. Every. Penny.

 – Brooke and Jason

You want your wedding photos to feel like you.

You want it documented with authenticity and emotion.

So when you look back on them in 20 years, you’ll remember how you celebrated a day that was so uniquely you that it couldn’t have been anyone else’s.

There are so many Maui Wedding Photographers out there, so how do you know I’m the right one for you?

here’s how we’ll roll…

  • UNPOSED –  We’ll stay away from stiff poses and keep it natural.
  • AUTHENTIC –  Weddings are emotional and personal. I’ll capture those moments of authenticity and vulnerability so years from now you’ll remember how your wedding felt – not just what it looked like.
  • BOLD + VIVID  The colorful landscapes and breathtaking vistas of Hawaii are the perfect backdrop to your adventure. As a Maui wedding photographer, I blaze a trail so you and your fiancé can experience the Hawaii of your dreams on the best day of your lives.
Maui Elopement Photography by Angela Nelson Photography

Whatever your story,
I’m here to help you remember it.

Weddings aren’t one-size-fits-all and neither are you! I believe love is for everyone, and I photograph all kinds of couples. Whether you’re looking for the ceremonial power of a traditional wedding, the sweet intimacy of an elopement, or something totally different, I’m here to capture each moment so you’ll never forget.  Planning your wedding or elopement for somewhere else in Hawaii? Not a problem! I’m familiar with all the Hawaiian islands and can travel to you! 



Hey, before I went full-time as a Maui photographer, I was a teacher. Once a teacher, always a teacher, right? Now, I love supporting fellow photographers on their journey to fulfilling their dreams of building a self-sustaining business. 

I help you streamline your business operations so you can stress less, get paid what you’re worth, and spend more time doing what you love – making those memories into incredible art!

Visit my coaching page to learn how.

Award-winning Maui Wedding Photographer specializing in adventurous wedding and elopement photography across Hawaii. Personalized wedding albums, wall art, Maui venue expertise, and business coaching for photographers.