Well, it has been a weird time to be pregnant. Global pandemics turns out, are the best and worst time to be pregnant.

It was in our family plan to expand our family in 2020, so please don’t be quick to dub Baby Nelson #2 as a “pandemic baby” – a child conceived out of boredom. Baby girl will likely have to deal with that label the rest of her life, but here is my proof to her on the interwebs that she was very much wanted and not a product of a pandemic.


Two different pregnancies, two different stories

This pregnancy has been so different than my last one. I would have bet every last dollar in my bank account that this little one was a boy. My pregnancy ailments were completely opposite of Eddy’s.

With Eddy, I had terrible acne. This time – none.
With Eddy, I was OK as long as I ate constantly. This time – it didn’t matter what I ate. I was sick until I hit 16 weeks.
With Eddy, I wanted all the sweets. This time – I didn’t care for them at all. In fact, I didn’t really have cravings.
With Eddy, no swelling. This time – LOTS of swelling. No matter how much I put up my feet or drink water.
With Eddy, the exhaustion was overwhelming and crippling. This time – the nausea was much worse than the exhaustion.


It must be a boy, right?

So when we went to Oahu for our 13-week appointment (because I’m considered “advanced maternal age” at 35), and the ultrasound tech said, “looks like you have a little girl in there.” I said out loud “There’s no way.”

The tech left the room and I turned to Anthony and said “That was the tech’s guess – it could be wrong! Let’s see what the doc says.” I’ll also add that Anthony has never had a preference – but I was just so dang sure that this was a boy I think I had him convinced too!

Surprise, surprise. The doc said the same thing. Another girl for the Nelsons!

We couldn’t believe it. I had been SO sure it was a little boy I was growing but turns out that I’m meant to be a mom of girls. And ya know what? I’m totally OK with that. In fact, now that I know she’s a girl, I can’t imagine it any other way.


The greatest gift I can give my daughter

As an only, I always wanted siblings. So when Anthony and I dreamed of our family I always said “at least two.”

The greatest gift I can give my daughter is a partner in life. When Anthony and I age and eventually pass, their childhood memories will be shared; they’ll never be truly alone – through good times and bad, they’ll have one another.

My greatest wish is for them to be best friends, but if I’m being honest, I have no idea how to foster that. I’ve never had a sibling so I feel like I’m going into this completely blind. Anthony has three siblings (though was the only one until he was 9) – so he has a bit better of an idea than I do.

I know, not all sisters are best friends. But I really hope ours are. I hope they stay up late and share secrets. I hope they comfort one another during hard breakups. I hope they stand up for one another at their weddings. And as their mother, I hope I get to witness a great friendship blossom between the two of them.


What I don’t know

There’s a lot I don’t know about the coming weeks.

I don’t know what a family of four looks like.
I don’t know how the delivery will look (Eddy was an emergency c-section. And while I have to have a c-section again because there are no VBACs on Maui, I don’t know what it will look like when it’s not an emergency).
I don’t know how Eddy will truly react to the birth of her sister. She’s sleep regressing like crazy right now – so that’s been fun.


What I do know

I know that Baby Nelson #2 will complete our family.
I know that Eddy will be a good big sister, even if she does struggle with jealousy at first.
I know that this baby girl is SO loved by her family already.
I know that this little girl, while not as active as Eddy was, is SUPER strong (those nighttime kicks sometimes take the wind out of me).
I know that Anthony will be the best girl dad there ever was. Eddy and her sister have no idea how lucky they are to have him as a dad (but I’ll be sure to remind them on an annoyingly-constant basis)

I know that, even though I’m nervous AF about what it’s like to be a mother of two, this little girl will fit perfectly into our family.


Baby Nelson #2, we love you and anxiously await your January 11 arrival!



Underwater images by onboard photographer of Trilogy Excursions
Beach maternity photos by Love and Water | Hair and makeup by Donna Romero | Lei Po’o by Studio Flora
Haleakala pics by Amber Vision Photography – editing by me

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  1. I loved this accounting of your journey…..2 little girls will be awesome. I raised 5 kids and their ages were full of big gaps, but they are all amazing adults. We are here on Maui with 2 sisters, 10 years apart!

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