So you want to have an epic wedding exit? Well, I’ve got the perfect ideas for you! These exits make showstopping photos and are pretty cost-effective. Here are my top 5 wedding exit ideas!

Sparkler Exit

sparkler wedding photo

sparkler wedding exit

The sparkler exit is the most common type of exit! This is exit looks amazing in photos and can be so much fun IF your venue allows it. There are a handful of venues in Maui that do not allow sparklers, one of them being the Olowalu Plantation House. Just double-check with your venue to see if they have any restrictions on sparklers! If you do get the green light on sparklers, make sure you get the super long sparklers! Here are the sparklers that I recommend using. These last a long time so you can get those exit shots without any stress! However, don’t get the morning glory sparklers! These sparklers really do spark and they can be a fire hazard.

Pros of a sparkler exit: they look pretty, I know how to light it

Cons: drunk people and fires don’t mix well together.

I would recommend bringing a tall bucket to put the sparklers in when they’re done! This makes cleanup easy.

One more pro-tip: Sparklers must be REGULAR sparklers and not Morning Glory Sparklers. Because those sparklers shoot sparks everywhere! See the photo below for an example! Luckily this couple didn’t catch on fire…seriously.

wedding exit with sparklers

Bubble Exits

I came up with a bubble exit when one of my couples really wanted an amazing exit but their venue didn’t allow sparklers. This is a great alternative! You just need a bubble machine and some bubble guns. We can light up the bubbles with different colors and it makes for a really fun exit. Your guests still get to be involved with bubble guns and you don’t have to worry about lighting anybody on fire.

bubble wedding exit photo

bubble wedding exit


Fiber Optic Wand Exits

If bubbles aren’t your thing.. fiber optic wands can be really, really cool. Your guests can make a tunnel with the wands for you to walk through and they’re pretty cost-effective. Here’s a link to some wands I recommend using! You can also double these are party favors and use them on the dance floor! Not only will you get amazing exit pictures, but your dance floor photos will be epic.

fiber optic wand wedding exit

Smoke Exit

I use canned smoke called Atmosphere Aerosol. This is really fun to pair with glow sticks! If you only have glow sticks they can be a little hard to capture on camera and the smoke can really make them pop! We can even make the smoke a really cool color with different lighting.

smoke machine wedding exit


Champagne Spray

This doesn’t include all of your guests, but they can still stand around to watch and cheer you on! This is a really fun and celebratory way to end the night. You just need to buy two cheap bottles of champagne, shake them up, and let them go with your thumb over the nozzle! Ya know, just like you did with the water hose when you were a kid! The champagne shots are some of my favorites.

wedding exit champagne photo


Final thoughts:

Your wedding exit doesn’t necessarily have to be at the very end of your reception! If my coverage doesn’t last until your party is done raging.. that’s fine! We can fake the “exit” before the dancing begins or on your way to the dance floor! Just talk with myself and your coordinator and we’ll make it happen. The party doesn’t have to stop once the “exit” happens!

Want to have an epic wedding exit in Maui? Let’s get in touch and plan something!

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