As my business has evolved over the past 7 years, I’ve really had a chance to distill what is meaningful, and what is not.

And I’m going to tell you – digital, while easily accessible, does not have the same impact as print. II want to offer my clients an experience more than just a digital package.

I want their photos to hang on their walls.

I want albums to be in their hands.

I want friends and family to gather around a gorgeous gallery wall and ohh and ahhh over their wedding images.

I want parents to sit down with their children, wedding album in hand, and relive the best day ever together.

Providing family heirlooms to my clients is truly the most important thing I can do. Visual legacy is what it is all about.

This brings me to my workshop.

Over the past 3 years, I have integrated albums and wall art into my process with my clients. By providing them with heirloom items, I ensure that not only am I helping them preserve their memories, but I’m also making extra income with this added service.

I’m taking all the knowledge I’ve gained in the past three years and passing it on to anyone who wants to learn how I make an extra $20k+ per year by providing high-end products for my clients.

So here are the details:

Monday, December 5
9 AM-1 PM
My home in Makawao

Limit to 12 attendees

Light snacks and beverages are provided!

Hands-on education of how I present Albums and Wall Art to my clients and how you can do it too!

Special Sponsors Fundy Designer and Vision Art Albums

Reserve your spot by clicking this link!

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