This rainy day Cavallo Point Wedding in San Francisco to remember! I had photographed Genevieve’s sister’s wedding a year previous and I was so honored when they reached out to me to photograph her wedding too! And what a treat to go to San Francisco for the first time. Ironically, the day I went location scouting (the day before the wedding) it was a cloudless day – but the weather turned on us by early the next morning. Luckily everyone rolled with the punches and I absolutely loved how this day turned out!


1. Tell me about your thoughts leading up to the wedding, did you think about it growing up, or did you plan it together? How did it feel to make your choices and marry one another?

Luke and I dated for several years before we got married. I’m fact we never actually planned on getting married! While on a family trip to Tahoe in June we told everyone “we can’t talk about anything you want but marriage!”  We were married in December – 6 months later. I knew Luke was my person on a date early on when he asked for mustard with his fries. Mustard was MY favorite thing to have with fries. Ha! But In all seriousness, I wanted a partner in life who was loyal, honest, and willing to do hard things.  That is Luke. Not sure why he picked me, I’ll have to ask! Ha.

Leading up to the wedding I was excited. Not so much nervous. The wedding is just the party part. Marriage is the forever part. It is funny though how consumed you can become by details. Like are the tables round or square, are the napkins white or off white. I was never a person who dreamed up a wedding as a kid so I was caught off guard with how much I was focusing on the details. But the day of, you let it go. And I have NO CLUE what color our napkins were.

2. Why did you choose the venues/town you did?

When we got “engaged”. There wasn’t really a proposal or anything. In August in Maui, we said “hey do you maybe wanna get married?”  It was more of a mutual decision for us. No ring or anything. Just deciding yes to each other.

So we sorta started planning. I figured we would have a long time before we got married. But one night my mom said, “hey you could get married in San Francisco at Christmas”. I laughed and jokingly told Luke “how nuts is my mom”. The next thing I knew Luke had texted his whole family “we are getting married in San Francisco at Christmas. Who is coming?” So that was that.

3. What was your favorite part of the day?

I think the first look was my favorite. I don’t even remember what we said to one another but it was so intimate and vulnerable at the moment before this big event. And Luke cried! He hardly ever cries!

4. What were your favorite details and why? (dress, suits, flowers, etc)

I think my favorite detail was the lace on my dress. A last-minute dress happened to fit me off the rack and it had this amazing Art Deco kind of lace. Luke wore a navy blue suit because that was what his father got married in. His dad had passed away so it was a sweet detail and literally the only detail he cared about.

Also, our venue was amazing. An old army barrack that had been turned into a beautiful hotel. And luckily they had an indoor church because it POURED rain the entire day. My dress is still stained blue from my shoes getting wet while walking in the rain.

5. Why did you choose me as your photographer?

So this was another piece of magic falling into place. By luck, you shot my sister’s wedding and I loved the feel of the photos. They were art. Not just the plain portraits you see. They captured the feeling of the moment and that’s what I always wanted to remember.

But you are in Maui and we were in California! So I reached out asking if you knew anyone with a similar style and you just do happen to be passing through! On your way back to Maui at the exact time. Insanity.

6. Do you have any wedding advice for couples getting married in the future?

Not sure I have much advice since we are still new at this. But have fun at your wedding! And a comfortable dress is amazing!

Wedding Venue: Cavallo Point
Wedding Coordinator: Bashes Events

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