One thing I love about living on Maui is that I work with the same wedding professionals often. As someone who spends the majority of her time alone and behind a computer screen, I absolutely love our little community of professionals when I get to see them. To be honest, when I get my couple’s list of vendors they chose for their day, I squeal when my favorites are on there! And what makes me the most excited? When my couples choose one of the best wedding coordinators on Maui!

I’ve put together this blog post to highlight my favorite people and also to share their tips for an amazing wedding on Maui. As wedding professionals we have seen so much over the years – and sometimes the same mistakes are repeated again and again! But not to worry, the best wedding coordinators on Maui are about to chime in and give you the 411 on planning your wedding in Maui!

Finding the best wedding coordinators on Maui

Of course, a quick Google search will reveal a lot ofMaui wedding planners, but you don’t necessarily want to go wtih the first person that Google tells you!

When choosing a wedding coordinator on Maui, be sure that the person you are interviewing

Vows Wedding Planning | Katy Roberts

Website | Vows Wedding Planning
Instagram | @vowsweddingplanning
Weddings I have blogged with Vows | Jes + Jason

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The biggest mistake I see couples make is inviting too many people which then blows their budget. A destination wedding should be a gathering of your nearest and dearest; those in your inner circle that you want to vacation with and have intimate moments with on the big day. The most expensive part of a wedding is the per-head cost with an emphasis on food and drink. The more you spend here, the less you have for the fun stuff like florals, decor, and unexpected surprises. The investment by your guests to attend is not small, make it a very special event for them by not overextending. 60 or fewer guests I find to be that magic number!

My best advice for someone planning a Maui wedding is to understand going in you are getting married on a small, high-demand, low-inventory island with a different culture than the mainland. Book early, be flexible, be kind, and be patient.

My favorite part of my job is when the sun sets a combination of colors no one has ever seen before, and the couple and guests are in awe toasting the best time of their lives. It’s palpable magic of positive energy. Also, the hugs and thank yous at the end of the night from the couple and family. I live for those!

Food For The Soul | Tina Digman

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Website | Food For The Soul
Instagram | @foodforthesoulmaui
Weddings I have blogged with Food for the Soul | Kristin + Eric

The biggest mistake I see is when couples don’t Read contracts and understand what they are signing.  Unfortunately, so many clients sign on the dotted line without really understanding what they have committed to.  Have fun, this should not be a stressful time for you.  You should be in your joy and bliss during this season of time!


My best advice to someone who is planning their Maui wedding is to start with a budget and then hire a planner.  A planner will help in guiding you to venues, vendors, and creatives that can work within your budget.  Being realistic with a budget when planning a destination wedding is so important.


My favorite part of my job is that I get to be a part of one of the most important days of a couple’s lives.  We get to build a relationship and create memories that last a lifetime.  I get to decorate, play with flowers, and fluff wedding gown trains.  I get to share in the beginning a couple’s journey as husband and wife.  Living my best life.


Events by Darren Keala | Darren Keala

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The biggest mistake couples make…hmmm I don’t look at it as a mistake, but it all depends on the couples. But it will always be the budget. Costs are more for a destination wedding on an island as everything is flown into Hawaii, so prices are increasing. There is also the effect of seeing something from another wedding that the couple will want to add on just before the wedding day. Keeping the communication flow with your planner is essential to have room for these things.


My best advice it to trust and have a great relationship with your coordinator. Transparency and open communication is key to this relationship. Be open & honest with each other, and have clear communication with every vendor for your wedding day. Everyone on your team should know you and participate in the process.


My favorite thing about my job is the friendships I make along the way. I still keep in contact with most of my couples, I even travel with a few of them, and they come to visit me. So the amazing connections are the reason I love what I do.


In Bloom Hawaii | Christy Taketa

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Website | In Bloom Hawaii
Instagram | @inbloomhawaii
Weddings I have blogged with In Bloom Hawaii | Kristie + Tagh, Taima + Jesse

The biggest mistake I see couples making is doing what other people say they need to do. There is no “right” way to have a wedding and it is ok if you want to be nontraditional. I love when clients want to go out of the box and come up with what is their idea of a  “dream wedding”. I once had a client who wanted to have a “Superhero” wedding and wanted all of their guests to dress up as superheroes or Great Gatsby characters. It was so fun to see grown men in superhero costumes at the ceremony the guests seemed to enjoy dressing up. Since the wedding was in August it was quite funny to see a line of people in costumes standing outside of a chapel.

My best advice to couples while planning their wedding is to ask for vendor referrals. Some of the best vendors I have used have been referred to me either by a client, or another vendor. Word of mouth is the best advertising and really says a lot about a vendor!

My favorite thing about my job is that I have the opportunity to meet couples from around the world and hearing their love story of how they decided to get married in Maui. It is always exciting to hear their stories of how they met, and what it is about Maui that is special to them. Born and raised on Maui, I often take for granted how beautiful and romantic Maui is. At weddings I often find myself smiling as I take a moment to take the time to appreciate the gorgeous sunset and watch as all of the guests have abandoned their dining tables to take photos of the sun setting over the ocean.

A Dream Wedding Maui | Ashley Ulery

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Website | A Dream Wedding Maui
Instagram | @adreamweddingmaui

The biggest mistake that I see couples making is overthinking things and trying to please their guests over their own personal wants and desires for their weddings.  I love that couples are so conscientious of taking care of their guests, but at some point, I believe that couples need to remember that their wedding is about them and what they want.  There are no wedding rules anymore!  I love to encourage my couples to let their personalities and individual likes shine in their weddings!

My best advice to couples while planning their wedding is for them to find a wedding planner that they absolutely trust and connect with and let them take care of you!

My favorite thing about my job is that I genuinely fall in love with all of my couples.  I am so honored to be a part of such an intimate and important day in their lives! Wedding days are always bittersweet for me.  It is so exciting to see the event finally come together, but I am also a little bit sad that I won’t be scheduling regular zoom calls with my clients anymore.

So there you have it! If you are planning your Maui wedding and you need advice from the best wedding coordinators on Maui, they have you covered!

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