When I decided to compile the best Maui wedding venues, I considered several factors:

  1. General prettiness – because, of course, it’s Maui and you want your Maui wedding venues to be pretty
  2. Accessibility – is it easy for your photographer, videographer, and coordinator to work with you at this venue? This is an important question to ask when choosing between Maui wedding venues!
  3. Where we can take portraits – This is definitely a photography-related attribute! If your venue is dark or you can’t photograph portraits without a million people in the background, your photo experience is going to be hindered!

So without further ado – here are the best Maui Wedding Venues!

1. Olowalu Plantation House

Olowalu Plantation House is, without contest, my favorite of all Maui wedding Venues. And it’s one of my favorites for several different reasons:

First: gorgeous light for getting ready. The bridal suite here is so beautiful with natural light and beautiful grounds for pre-ceremony shots. It makes such a difference when I can get the getting-ready shots in a beautiful, well-lit room. Most hotel rooms are dark and crowded!

Second: the grounds themselves. They’re expansive and offer views of the mountain and the ocean. There aren’t many Maui wedding venues that offer both mountain and ocean! The pier is my personal favorite!

Lastly: the setup for weddings is not limited to one space. You can have your wedding under the huge monkeypod tree, oceanfront, or even on the steps of the plantation house. Each and every wedding I have photographed at the Olowalu Plantation House has been a bit different – and I totally love that. The venue can really reflect the style of the couple. This is much more desirable than the venue dictating what the bride and groom can and cannot do.

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epic mountains at olowalu plantation house

destination wedding at olowalu plantation house with rainbow

first kiss under circular arch at olowalu plantation house

Walkthrough video of Olowalu Plantation House

2. Maui Tropical Plantation

A few years back, the Maui Tropical Plantation redid everything and it looks amazing.

There are many different spots for the ceremony – but my favorite is in the mango tree grove! The property offers epic views of the West Maui Mountains, lots of greenery, and gorgeous light!

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3. Kukahiko Estate

The Kukahiko Estate in Wailea is great for weddings under 50 persons. Oceanside with a beautiful lava rock jetty, the Kukahiko Estate offers dramatic views of West Maui. Coupled with the pristine condition of the property, this venue may be small but it has a lot to offer!

Parking for this venue is really easy. For Ponomakena you have to be shuttled in (probably the only downside of that venue), but for Kukahiko Estate, parking is across the road and guests can easily walk to your wedding!

There’s a good mix of greenery, lava rocks, and, of course, the blue ocean at the Kukahiko Estate. Because of all the different elements of this Maui wedding venue, I really love shooting there!

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bride and groom portraits at kukahiko estate
bride at kukahiko estate

maui wedding at kukahiko estate

4. Merriman’s Kapalua

What I really love about Merriman’s Kapalua is that the wedding can be as big or as small as you’d like. The small lawn to the right of the structure is perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings. And if you have a large crowd, you can do a restaurant buy-out! The rocks in front of Merriman’s are my favorite for portraits.

But if you decide that you want some more greenery in your photos, the Kapalua Beach walk is right around the corner! There are lots of places to take photos along the scenic beach walk!

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5. Maui Pineapple Chapel

Great for intimate weddings, The Maui Pineapple Chapel offers a modern twist on indoor space. The lawn outside is great for weddings under 50 persons, but if you have a large party, the lower lawn can accommodate up to FIVE HUNDRED people! Holy smokes!

Since the venue is just up the hill from DT Flemings Beach and Ironwoods Beach, these places are easily accessible for portraits after the wedding!

I also love this spot because it tends to be cooler than other Maui wedding venues.

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ceremony at Steeple House Kapalua

bride and groom with animals at cocktail hour

Ceremony set up at Steeple House at Kapalua

romantic bridal portraits at Steeple House Kapalua

speeches at steeple house kapalua

These venues are only a small sampling of what Maui has to offer. Let’s get in touch and I can help you find the perfect Maui wedding venue for you!






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    My fiancé and I are looking to get married in Maui early April 2020 (4/4/20 would be perfect)

    Ideally we would like to get married in a very green space with views of the mountains and ocean. Then for the reception we would like something near the beach.

    I would love to set up a for the upcoming week to speak.

    Thank you

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