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About a year ago, my friend Caleb from No Ka Oi Media and I got together and formed a plan: to highlight Maui’s best wedding venues for our couples. We’ve been visiting a ton of Maui wedding venues in the past year and we are so excited to finally announce this series! There aren’t very many Maui wedding venues that allow for large crowds – so we’re very thankful for places like the Steeple House at Kapalua!

Kapalua Maui Wedding Venues

Steeple House at Kapalua

This is one of my favorite Kapalua Maui Wedding Venues. I love that there is an indoor space to get ready (that’s AIR CONDITIONED) and there are several spots on the property to have your wedding!

Another thing I love about the Steeple House is that there is access to Dragon’s Teeth, a scenic rock outcropping that is a short walk from the venue. And if you’re more into beach than rocks, a 1-minute car ride can get you to Ironwoods Beach!

Also keep in mind…

Something to keep in mind for a wedding venue is the following:
Openness to outside vendors (because you should be able to hire who you want!)
Place for getting ready
Indoor space in case of rain

Without further ado, here is our walkthrough of the Steeple House at Kapalua!

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