Maui has some of the best wedding venues in Hawaii (I mean, hey, sometimes they rank as the greatest in the world!). But one of my favorite Maui wedding venues that typically flies under the radar is the Hui No’eau in Makawao. Moana and Cody’s Hui No’eau wedding in Upcountry Maui was my second wedding at this venue.

Get this – the first wedding I did at the Hui was in 2011 – and it happened to be my second wedding ever. Yikes! I’ll spare you the images for a multitude of reasons – but mostly because Moana and Cody’s wedding was just that good!

I’ll let Moana tell it in her words though – because truly nothing is better than hearing about a wedding from the bride or groom themselves!

Hui No’eau Wedding in Upcountry Maui

1. Tell me about your thoughts leading up to the wedding, did you think about it growing up, did you plan it together? How did it feel to make your choices and marry one another?

Both of our thoughts were overwhelmed with mixed emotions the night before–excitement, nervousness, and more.  As a girl, of course, I would think about how my wedding would be and it was grand like a fairytale.  But, reality sinks in and I couldn’t have asked or expected anything more.  It was a mixture of my dream and a real wedding if that makes sense.  What mattered most was finally binding my love to my forever husband, the love of my life.  I mostly planned the wedding, which was a tad stressful, and would ask my fiance for his opinion and to provide input as well.  Luckily, we had our day-of coordinator helping with decor and the agenda, etc.  All of our choices and choosing to marry one another felt and feels like it was meant to be.

2. Why did you choose the venues/town you did?

The venue is just exquisite. From the views to the weather, for the Groom’s family especially, it was simply convenient to have the ceremony and reception in one place.  We’re grateful to have had Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center provide us with such an amazing venue for our memorable, magical day.

3. What was your favorite part of the day?

My favorite part of the day was truly everything, which was a blur in the sense that it came and went.  That’s what photos and videos are for, and I have the most cherished memories in the back of my mind.  Cody/Groom’s favorite part of the day was the end where we could just drink, socialize, be with the ones we love, and be married.   We also hope everyone had a good time.

4. What were your favorite details and why? (dress, suits, flowers, etc)

In both of our opinions, honestly, everything.  It was perfect and more than what we could have imagined.  We wish it lasted all night because it went by really fast.

5. Why did you choose me as your photographer?

We chose you as our photographer mainly because you captured guests and moments well and let’s talk about the silhouette or sunset pictures–Oh my goodness, speechless!  Thank you so much, Angie, and your team!  You are incredible and you and your team gave awesome guidance on poses.

6. Do you have any wedding advice for couples getting married in the future?

Our advice:  Do not stress; start planning early; always remember this is both your special day of celebrating the love you have for each other; and have fun with it.

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Moana and Cody – thank you for choosing me for your Hui No’eau wedding in Upcountry Maui! What an absolutely perfect day you had!

And thank you to our amazing wedding vendors that made magic happen!

Coordination: A Perfect Paradise Wedding
Venue: Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center
Hair and Makeup: Ry-N Shimabuku
Catering: Food for the Soul


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