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When it comes to celebrating love, many couples are breaking away from traditional wedding norms and opting for elopements filled with adventure and intimacy. But I’m here to tell you how to make your adventure elopement more meaningful. And there are so many ways! Having activities during your Maui adventure elopement is where it’s at!

Three reasons you should have experiences during your elopement

I’ll start by saying this: I love portraits. I’m good at taking portraits. Let me tell you the truth: We are going to get bored if we are doing straight portraits for 8 hours.

Believe me when I say experiences are the way to go. And this is why:

  1. Authentic Connection: Elopements are about celebrating the unique bond between you and your partner. By incorporating various experiences throughout the day, you have the opportunity to connect authentically, sharing intimate moments and creating lasting memories. Rather than focusing solely on posing for the camera, you’ll be immersed in genuine interactions that reflect the depth of your relationship.
  2. Embrace the Moment: Your elopement day is a celebration of love, and what better way to honor it than by being fully present? Instead of spending hours posing for portraits, seize the day by embarking on adventures that ignite your passion and bring you closer together. Whether it’s hiking to a breathtaking viewpoint or sharing a quiet picnic by a tranquil lake, embracing each moment ensures that your elopement is filled with joy and spontaneity.
  3. Create Lasting Memories: While portraits capture fleeting moments in time, experiences create lasting memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Remember, your elopement day should be a story – so let’s tell it!

Six Activities for your Maui Adventure Elopement

Lei Making During Your Elopement

I bring the flowers and the know-how, and you spend time making a lei for one another. Participating in a Lei ceremony is meaningful and becomes even MORE meaningful if you’re making them for one another!

Private Picnic to enjoy the views

Escape to a secluded spot amidst nature for a romantic picnic for two. Spread out a blanket, and indulge in delicious food and sparkling cider. If you want to make it even cooler – hire Maui Luxe Picnics to do this for you! This intimate experience allows you to not only eat but also connect and take time to slow down during your day.

Plan an Adventure Activity to Experience Together

Horseback riding? We can do that! Ziplining? I’m in. We can do vodka tasting (Ocean Vodka is my favorite) We can also take a whale watch or do a sunset sail. Even a helicopter ride (those are my favorite! The options are endless.

One of my favorite things to do is a helicopter ride with Air Maui!

Plan a Candlelit Dinner on Maui

As the day draws to a close, treat yourselves to a romantic candlelit dinner under the stars. Whether it’s a gourmet meal at a cozy restaurant or a homemade feast prepared over a campfire, the ambiance of flickering candles and soft music sets the stage for an unforgettable evening of romance.

Looking through a photo album together

You can flip through an old photo album together and reminisce about your relationship. The good memories, the silly memories, even the tough memories – all of them are part of your story and why you’re together.

Reading letters from friends and family:

This is one of my favorite things to do! Have your family and friends write you notes for you to read on your wedding day! Reading these letters is a great way for friends and family to be “involved” without actually being physically there.

Exchanging gifts on your elopement day

If you have a special gift you want to exchange, do it at one of the many locations we’ll visit together! These are great candid shots and an amazing way to start off your wedding day!

There are many more things we can do; the sky is the limit! There are some great things I’ve done with past couples that I know you’d love. If you’re stuck, I’m here to help! I love to do new adventures with couples and I’m here to help you curate the day of your dreams!

Remember, while portrait sessions certainly have their place in capturing the beauty of your elopement day, it’s the experiences you share with your partner that truly make it unforgettable.

By prioritizing authentic connections, embracing the moment, and creating lasting memories through meaningful adventures, your elopement day becomes a celebration of love, intimacy, and the beautiful journey you’ve embarked upon together.

Still want to be inspired? Here are some amazing full day adventure elopements I know you’re going to love:

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Dreaming about your full-day elopement on Maui? I gotchu. Let’s chat

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