If you follow me on Instagram or have spent even three seconds in my home, you’ll see that I am obsessed with family photos. When I walk into my space, I want it to radiate love and remind me of the special times in my life.

Most of the time, after photographing a couple’s wedding, they end up choosing a collection with their album. This way they can put gorgeous images on their wall that help them remember the best day of their lives.

But – what to choose? How to choose the medium? What belongs on their wall?! There are lots of burning questions so I’m here to answer them all!

What images belong on your wall?

I always say that the images that spark joy (anyone a Mari Kondo fan?) belong on your wall. These are images that you’ll be looking at every day. so they’re images that need to remind you of a specific feeling!

Here is what it looks like in my home!

(featured here are two 16x24s with the Soho Maple Frame and a 2-inch white border)

These were our first images as a family of four – the first images with our completed family aside from Claire’s newborn photos. They were also taken on the shores of Lake Michigan – the place where Anthony first told me he loved me. That place will always be special and sharing it with our children is something that absolutely sparked joy.

What Medium Should you choose?

I offer three mediums for my couples:

  • Metal (90% of my couples go with this medium because the colors POP!)
  • Framed Print (for a more elevated look in a room with walls that may have a color or a pattern. This comes in maple as shown above, black, and white. This comes with museum quality non-reflecting glass)
  • Canvas (for a softer look – the canvas has a texture and I’ve found is great for typical portraiture or detail shots – but not scenery)

Above is an example of the matted print and below you’ll see examples of canvas and metal!

(photo on left is metal high-gloss – I don’t offer this anymore because of the shine, the middle photo is metal matte – this is what I offer as a standard choice, and on the right is canvas). Sizing on these is: 40×20, 16×20, 40×30.

What images belong on your walls?

Rule of thumb: it has to be an image you won’t get tired of looking at!! I find that the images that spark joy and the ones that tend to be more landscape-esque do best for large pieces of wall art!

But here’s the thing – even if you choose something that is close up – I will go in and make it flawless before it goes to print! I mean, if your faces are going to be huge on your wall, they need to look really really dang good!

Here’s an example of a before and after when cleaning up an image for a large wall print!

And After…

I do this will every piece of art that is printed to hang in your home. These are heirloom pieces meant to hang in your home for years to come, so I want to make sure they look the best they can look before sending them to print!

On which wall should your photos hang?

Wanna hear something cool? I can show you EXACTLY what your images will look like on your wall! Just send me a photo of your wall with the measurement (length in inches) and I can show you during our design meeting what the images will look like on your wall.

Here is an example of my Signature Collection on a stock room, and then on a real wall in a real home!


So that’s it! If you’re looking for a guide on what to get for your home, I really hope this helps!

If you have any questions, especially leading up to our album design appointment, please feel free to reach out!

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