Adventurous Maui Wedding in Kaupo

Maui is home to over 15 micro-ecosystems which, in short, means that whatever climate you’re looking for, you can find. We have everything from rainforests to deserts, mountains to rivers – many call it “God’s Country”. Whether or not you’re spiritual, you can’t deny that Maui is magic. And when Emily reached out to me to photograph her adventurous Maui wedding in Kaupo I was ecstatic.

Really, I was. I’ve photographed weddings all over this island. Beaches and venues are great, but there’s something beautiful about finding your own piece of paradise, pulling over off the side of the road, and tying the knot. And that’s exactly what Will and Emily wanted. Something small and intimate with a gorgeous landscape.

Years ago one their way back from Hana, Emily was awe-stricken by the wild beauty of Kaupo. The slopes of Haleakala are dramatically painted with yellows, greens, reds, and purples and the sky over there could probably go toe-to-toe with Montana’s Big Sky Country. It was then that Emily knew that when she returned to Maui, this was the place she wanted to get married.

We found the perfect little spot just about 30 minutes outside of Ulupalakua Ranch and pulled over. There were eight guests total. They brought chairs to set up during the ceremony while Emily patiently waited in the car. When Meredith and I were set and ready to rock, Emily got out and was escorted by her dad.

Now it was windy. And when I say windy I don’t mean like a gentle breeze gently brushing your cheek. I mean GUSTS of wind up to 40 mph that were slap-you-in-the-face strong! But Emily’s hair and makeup (by the incredibly talented Meili Autumn Beauty) stayed in place perfectly! And while the wind would have bothered most, Emily and Will were so smitten with one another, they didn’t mind at all. And as a photographer, I LOVE wind; it adds a sort of drama to the photos!

The short and sweet ceremony was beautifully done by Meredith. They said their vows, placed rings on their fingers, and sealed it with a kiss. And right after the ceremony, a rainbow appeared!

For the romantic photos, we stayed at our ceremony locaiton and then pulled over a little further back toward Ulupalakua. Between Haleakala, golden fields of grass, and the killer sunset we got, I’d say that this wedding was everything we could have hoped for and more.

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Emily and Will – what an honor and privilege it was to photograph your adventurous maui wedding in Kaupo. I loved every moment of your windswept nuptials out in Kaupo. I hope your wedding inspires brides to find a piece of their own paradise to tie the knot. Once again, congratulations!

Photography: Angela Nelson Photography

Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty

Officiant: Ceremonies by Meredith

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