Nearly 200 guests. Scorching hot temperatures. Lots of Mehndi. Plenty of blessings. Three days of celebration for Kristie and Tagh. And because it was my first time being a Maui Sikh Wedding Photographer, I had a lot to learn about culture, ceremony, and what an epic three day wedding looks like!

I  met Kristie and Tagh 4 years ago through paddling. Kind, positive, and full of life – I was immediately drawn to both of them. When Tagh told me back in 2017 that he was proposing to Kristie on her birthday, I was there in FULL FORCE. I lost a beach chair that evening but gained two friends who were engaged and some really happy family members to share the moment with.

I had been looking forward to their wedding week celebration for a whole year. By the time it rolled around, I was chomping at the bit. Three days with two of my friends, their awesome families, and a cultural smorgasbord? Yes, please.


Day 1 of 3 began with the Mehndi ceremony over at Aloha Villas in North Kihei. The bridal squad was in charge of keeping Kristie cool, as the AC just couldn’t keep up with the amount of bodies love was in that room! After a few hours of celebratory shots and Mendhi designs (I even got to get one!), Kristie was gifted some wedding day jewelry from Tagh’s family. The evening ended with rolled ice cream and pool-side conversations.


Day 2 of 3 was the Chinese Tea Ceremony. I just loved the integration of all the cultures in this wedding. Blessings, upon blessings, upon blessings. were bestowed on Kristie and Tagh. And my favorite moment is when Kristie’s parents gifted her some beautiful pearls. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.


Day 3 of 3 – the wedding day! Getting ready started at dawn with hair and makeup. Meanwhile, papa Wong made noodles upstairs and filled the bellies of the bridesmaids, the family, and even their dear photographer! And after we left Aloha Villas and headed over to Sugar Beach, things happened very quickly.

The Sikh wedding ceremony was a welcoming, warm, and visually gorgeous. I love the integration of color that Sikh and Indian ceremonies have. It is such a welcome departure from the black and white I’m so used to seeing as a wedding photographer.

After the ceremony, we headed to Iao Valley to take a break from the family and friends and give Kristie and Tagh some time to breathe and enjoy some quality nature time.

The Hawaiian ring ceremony with Uncle Kimokeo was one of my favorite parts. He blessed the rings, chanted, gave us all chicken-skin, and finally Kristie and Tagh got to have their first kiss!

The rest of the night unraveled without all the love and partying! 14 hours after the beginning of the day, I left to go back to my home with a full heart.


Thank you to our wonderful vendors for ensuring that our day ran smoothly.

Mehndi Ceremony/Tea Ceremony Coordination: Christy Taketa |  Flowers: In Bloom Hawaii  |  Venue: Sugar Beach  |  Videography: Sunlit Films  |  Hawaiian Ring Blessing: Kimokeo Foundation  |  Fire Dancer: Manutea Nui E

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