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Haleakala Wedding

I first touched based with Lydia and Pascal back in October last year. Lydia had stumbled across my Kaupo Wedding that I did in 2016 and loved the feel of it! Lydia and Pascal were obsessed with the wide open vistas and raw beauty of East Maui. But it seems that Maui had other ideas for their wedding. Instead of the Kaupo elopement they had dreamed over, we ended up with a last-minute Haleakala wedding that was one for the books.

The original plan was to meet at Maui Wine on our way out there so we could caravan. Lydia and Pascal already had found their spot and were excited to exchange vows there. But as I was driving out that way, the sky became more and more ominous. I checked the radar and a string of rain was literally following the entire Kaupo coastline.

Chrissy Kapoor, their awesome officiant, and I chatted in the parking lot before they arrived about the ordeal. We were concerned, of course, but ultimately it was up to Lydia and Pascal what they wanted to do! We were on board no matter what! When the bride and groom arrived we told the them about the rain and put the decision in their hands. Either we would chance it in Kaupo and possibly be dodging rainstorms, or we would fly blind and try another scenic location – like Haleakala – Maui’s dormant volcano.

After considering the options, they chose to trust my opinion (which was Haleakala). And I’m so, SO glad they did.

It was a chilly 48 degrees, but the ceremony site was so beautiful that it didn’t even matter. Lydia had a towel draped around her shoulders to help keep her warm, but she sported those goosebumps for the next two hours with no problems at all.

Their ceremony was full of emotion and love. I know that many wedding photographers get moved to tears during every ceremony. But I’m not like that. I’m typically able to really focus on the couple, the lighting, the best angles, and remove myself from the emotion. This, however, was different. Haleakala is so special and even though their vows were in German, the language of love truly transcended the language barrier.

After the pronunciation of husband and wife, they spent a few silent moments just looking out above the clouds. The love and the joy was palpable.

…and then the fun began. We went to several different spots on Haleakala. And boy – Maui was truly showing off. The colors of the crater were so crisp and vibrant. And the sunset. HOLY SMOKES the sunset. The color was unbelievable. I showed some of my friends the sunset and they thought I did some photoshop magic on it. Guys – I swear. I didn’t. It really was that spectacular!

haleakala craterhaleakala wedding at kalahaku overlook bride and groom on halekala exchanging vows on haleakala reading vows during wedding ceremony bride reading vows on haleakala crater bride and groom touching each other's faces during ceremony silhouette of bride and groom on volcano happy couple exchanging vows above clouds goosebumps on arms during wedding ceremonywedding ceremony above the cloudsblack and white portrait of wedding on haleakalabride and groom with molokai in the distancefirst kiss on haleakalajust married on top of haleakala first kiss after husband and wife after the ceremony bride and groom cuddling bride and groom looking at rings on haleakala couple signing marriage cerificate happy couple after signing marriage certificate walking down to maui's volcano couple kissing by halekala crater Austrian couple eloping in maui windy hair on top of volcano in maui sliding sands trail on Haleakala with bride and groom couple kissing in haleakala crater haleakala wedding with austrian couple bride and groom enjoying maui's volcano couple dancing in haleakala's crater bridal portraits on Haleakala bride and groom kissing black and white haleakala bride and groom on a road in maui silhouette of bride and groom on haleakalaHaleakala sunsetsunset wedding on haleakalabride and groom enjoying sunset on haleakala bridal bouquet on haleakala bride carrying shoes epic haleakala sunset after weddinghaleakala wedding sunset

Lydia and Pascal – thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your Haleakala wedding. It may have not been the wedding you were picturing, but I swear this was so, SO much better.

Thanks to their awesome vendors for making this day so special!

Officiant: Chrissy Kapoor // Hair and Makeup: Hair and Makeup by Heather

Want to elope on Haleakala too? I can help with that!

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