I’m gonna say this: being Priya and Peter’s Mackinac Island wedding photographer was absolutely the highlight of my wedding this past summer.

Imagine a wedding on Mackinac Island, where cars are a no-go and horses and bikes rule the roads (it’s a lot more poop than you’d think)! That’s exactly what Priya and Peter did for their big day at Mission Point Resort. Let me tell you, it was a wild ride from start to finish!

Here is a fun fact about Angie that you probably don’t know: I was a Girl Scout.

For nearly 18 years I was one – and one summer, I spent several weeks on Mackinac Island serving the governor. We told people about historical things, marched everywhere we went, and I even had my first ghost encounter there (I’ll save that story for a different day). Well, TBH, I didn’t love the experience of being a Girl Scout on Mackinac, but I did fall in love with that island.

Let’s just say I was over the damn moon when Priya and Peter reached out to me to be their Mackinac Island wedding photographer.

Mackinac Island Wedding at Mission Point Resort

On the day-of, Priya and Peter decided to snap their portraits ahead of time. They commissioned a horse and carriage that took us to the best spots (truly, they were)! That meant they could kick back and enjoy cocktail hour with their crew, soaking up the love and laughs without any rush. Plus, they got to explore the stunning island views together, making memories before the whirlwind of the ceremony.

Now, let’s talk about that ceremony—I loved the personal touches. Priya kicked off her shoes (my kinda gal) and Peter had the sweetest vows. With Mackinac Island’s beauty as the backdrop, Priya and Peter exchanged vows that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. The breeze, the waves, the love in the air—it was like something out of a movie!

Wedding After Party at the Pink Pony

The reception at Mission Point Resort was a feast of delicious food and non-stop dancing. And guess what? The real fun began at the Pink Pony in downtown Mackinac Island! Priya, Peter, and their crew partied like there was no tomorrow, laughing and dancing until the early hours of the morning. They told me they got back at like 5 AM?! These people know how to party!

So, there you have it—a wedding adventure on Mackinac Island that was nothing short of epic!

And if you’re ever considering a destination wedding, Mackinac Island should be at the top of your list!

Check out the island’s official website to start planning your celebration! With its charming atmosphere, breathtaking scenery, and unique transportation options, Mackinac Island offers a wedding experience like no other. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic ceremony overlooking the lake or a lively reception downtown, Mackinac Island has everything you need to make your special day unforgettable.

And as long as you won’t make me march everywhere, I’d love to be there to document every moment 🙂

Let’s chat!

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