Maui Wedding Photography Prices: Why I’m Changing my Packages

Guys, I’m stirring the pot. I’m changing the way I format my Maui wedding photography prices and packages. And I know I’m one of the few photographers on Maui who is heading in this direction. But after conferring with amazing photographers all over the world, I’m convinced this is the direction in which I should head.

On the Mainland (anywhere in the US that’s not Hawaii, basically), wedding photographers often advertise full day wedding coverage. This means that your photographer is there from the beginning until the end. But in Maui, a presedence was set years ago that we have been unable to shake.

It’s the idea that Maui wedding photography prices should be based on hourly coverage.

And I’m going to tell you right now why that’s a MISTAKE.

1. Timeline

Often times I’ll be contracted to be at a wedding for less than the standard 8 hour day. So maybe from 3 PM until 7 PM. During that time, the bride and groom want me to document the following events:

  1. Getting Ready
  2. First Look
  3. Ceremony
  4. Family Formals
  5. Cocktail Hour
  6. Sunset Photos
  7. First Dance
  8. Cake Cutting
  9. Speeches

Here’s the thing: I can’t document everything in just four hours. I’m going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. There should be a buffer in the timeline between all events in case we run over – but trying to jam pack all of these things into half day coverage just isn’t going to happen. And it’s going to be stressful – for both you and me.

Literally the worst conversation I have to have with the bride at the end of a wedding day where we had timeline issues:

“Hey – so our time together is over, but you haven’t had your first dance yet. Do you want me to stay for an extra hour? My rate is $800/hour.”

Yikes. I hate that conversation. The last thing you should be thinking about on your wedding day is whether or not I’m going to be around for everything.

It’s terrible for me and it’s terrible for you. Full day coverage ensures that I’m going to be there from the beginning until the end.

bride getting makeup done at hyatt mauibridesmaids cryingbride getting ready bride getting ready at steeple house kapaluabride putting on her jewelrybride getting ready at hyatt mauigroom getting ready at hyatt mauibest man speech at steeple house kapaluabride and groom kissing during dinnerfirst dance at hyatt maui for weddingbride dancing with bridesmaids bride and groom dancing at ponomakena sanctuary fire dancing at wedding

2. Storytelling

This boils down to time as well. I need time to curate and tell your story.

Think of it this way: if you want fast food, go to a McDonalds. Do you expect the quality to knock your socks off? No. Because it’s fast food. You know some teenager just slapped it together from behind the counter. Are you going to savor it once it hits your palate? Probably not. You likely went through the drive-through because you’re starving and it’s quick food.

But if you want an amazing Italian dinner – you pick the nicest place in town, make reservations, place your order, and you wait. And guess what – that meal that comes out is amazing and surpasses expectations, right? You really take the time to enjoy the food because you know it’s a quality meal.

Photography is similar. If we are rushing through these big parts of your day, we don’t have time to create magic together – or to capture the little moments between the big moments. Or heck – to even be in the moment.

Beautiful things take time, trust, and talent. Full day coverage gives me space and time to tell your story without missing any details.

bride's sister peeking outbridesmaid wiping tears mother and son wiping tearsBride and groom with Maui roadster goosebumps on arms during wedding ceremony

3. Artistry

I love learning about my craft and making it better and better. I’ve attended some incredible workshops. But here’s the thing: if I don’t have time to show what I’ve learned and mastered, then it’s essentially clipping my creative wings. All artists will tell you that beautiful things are created with time, talent, and risk-taking. If I can’t try new things and take risks, the chances of us together creating beautiful pieces of art is diminished.

It is important to me that every wedding is captured differently. I don’t want your story to look like the wedding I shot last week. It’s going to be different because you’re different.

Your love story deserves to be told in its own unique way.

With time constraints my coverage of your day becomes more assembly line and less about your day. Believe me, no one wants that.

bride and groom backlit with sunsetsunset bride and groom on oneloa cliffs in kapalua sunset wedding portraits at Kukahiko estatewedding photo with couple and the starsmaui sunset at kukahiko estate

Full Day + Half Day Packages Only

This is why in 2019, I’m transitioning away from small Maui elopement packages and heading toward the larger weddings.

I want to tell the full story from beginning to end.

I want to be there for you getting ready with your bridesmaids, the little moments with your dad, the shots with the groomsmen, the epic dance party. I want to document your day flawlessly, and to do that I need time.

For the rest of your life you will relive your wedding day through these images.

And for this very reason, I am happy to offer full and half day packages for my brides and grooms.

full day coverage includes

  • Me as your photographer
  • A professional second shooter
  • AT LEAST 8 hours of coverage
  • Online gallery for viewing, sharing, and digital download
  • Exclusive bridal magazine for ANP brides to help you visualize your day
  • Sweetheart session/day after session included too!

half day coverage includes

  • Me as your photographer
  • 4 hours of coverage (first look until first dance – essentially no getting ready, speeches, dance party)
  • Online gallery for viewing, sharing, and digital download
    • This package is best for weddings with 25 guests or fewer

So do I let you add hours to half day packages? The answer is no. But let me promise you that you will be SO happy with choosing to document your full day.

It is my hope that in 2019 I can document even more full day weddings to showcase my bride and groom’s incredible love stories.

Are you planning on getting hitched in Hawaii in 2019? Let’s chat!


  1. Kim Deljevic

    I just got engaged to my best friend. The date is 10-10-2020 are you available I would love to have you take my photos

    • Angie

      Hi Kim! I’d love to be considered as your wedding photographer! I won’t be in Michigan during that time though – you coming to Maui?!


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