Should Your Photographer stay for the reception?

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If you’re a Mainland photographer reading this or a couple that’s not from Hawaii, you’re probably thinking to yourself “What the heck? Don’t all photographers stay for the reception?” Why even ask Should your photographer stay for the reception? Isn’t it a given?”

Surprisingly, no.

Because we do such a wide range of weddings in Hawaii (everything from one hour on the beach to multiple-day celebrations), we’ve gotten into this habit of charging by the hour. I’ve actually addressed that HERE last year when I changed up my wedding packages.

But in case you’re wondering “should your photographer stay for the reception?” here is your answer:


If we’re being honest, I really wanted to change the Hell to the F-word, but I restrained myself. You’re welcome.

A friend of mine posted on his Insta-story a few days ago: “What’s your favorite part of a wedding as a guest?” And it really got me thinking on both sides of the coin. As a guest, I love hearing personal vows and the cocktail hour. Sometimes the dance party if I’ve had enough to drink (this girl thinks she can cut a rug if she’s had enough liquid courage).

As a photographer though – it’s speeches and the dancing. ESPECIALLY the dancing. I love the energy. I love that everyone gets super sweaty and doesn’t GAF because alcohol. When weddings are open-bar, shit gets crazy. And I love documenting that. Inhibitions are lowered and everyone cuts loose!

Should your photographer stay for the reception?

Here are some reasons why…

To document when a bridesmaid thinks she can successfully pull off the dirty-dancing lift (I still haven’t seen it done) and eats it HARD on the dance floor (but it’s ok because…alcohol).

When that one guy splits his pants from trying to break-dance.

When the whole wedding party gets low for “Shout!”

When Uncle Bob gets out there and busts a move to “Brown-Eyed Girl.”

When everyone yells the “BAH-BAH-BAH” part to “Sweet Caroline.”

I love it. I love all of it.

And most importantly: you’re going to love it too. Looking back on these images will make you laugh and maybe cry. Or laugh until you cry. It’s your story from beginning to end – and sometimes makes for great blackmail material later in life.

bride dancing with bridesmaids

Yup. You’re gonna love it. If you have a DJ and dancing at your wedding – you gotta document it.

And believe me, I’ll do right by you and your epic dance

My Full Day Collection and my Classic Wedding Collection both offer coverage of the reception!

Looking to book a Hawaii photographer that will document your whole day?

I’m your person.

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