Let me start with a spoiler alert:


When I think about what I remember from my childhood, it’s directly related to what was photographed. And I know I’m not alone here.

I specifically remember painting my playhouse that my dad built – but using most of the paint on my feet…because there’s a photograph of it.

I remember Christmases, birthdays, trips to the lake, our Disney Vacation specifically because of the photographs my family members took. Now that those memories are decades behind me, I’m SO grateful to have a photographic record of these moments.

Which brings me to weddings. For years, I left it up to my clients whether or not they should be buying an album. They’d make them on their own, right? But a recent poll of past clients showed me that less than half had even printed their wedding photos.


So I asked my married friends. Nope. They hadn’t either. Are you kidding me? Even my closest friends didn’t have their wedding photos printed??

Guys. This is important. Don’t let your photos live on a computer screen! They are there to be enjoyed by you, your spouse, and everyone who loves you. It’s what you’ll flip through every anniversary and what you’ll show your friends when they come over for dinner. It’s what you’ll use to show your children where it all started. It’s for you and the future generation. Don’t let the images sit on your computer screen; they deserve better.

And companies like Shutterfly? Nope nope. Not for your wedding photos that you invest thousands of dollars into. My printers use 100-year archival paper and high-quality materials to make sure the images you see on your screen look the same when printed (because uncalibrated printers won’t do your photos justice). Trust me, you’ll want an album to reflect the quality of images you received.

This is why in 2020, I’m happy to announce that EVERY wedding couple will be getting an album with their wedding collection. I’m including them because wedding albums are important and the best place for your photos to live is in an album.

Think of a wedding album as the last leg of your wedding race.:

  1. Plan the wedding
  2. Get married
  3. Enjoy your gallery of images
  4. Design your album with me!

Clients: How it works

Two weeks after you receive your gallery, we’ll set up a Zoom date to reveal your pre-designed album. In real-time we will meet and customize your album fully. I love re-living your wedding day with you and helping you design this family heirloom! This process takes about an hour (unless we get chatting, which we probably will because that’s who I am – and in that case, it will be around 1.5 hours)

When we wrap up our Zoom meeting, your album goes directly to print and then straight to your door.


I’m so very excited to be designing albums with my clients. It means that I’m ensuring that their images are printed and that they have a family heirloom to pass down through the years.

Looking for a photographer dedicated to your memories? Let’s chat!

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