If you would have told me a month ago that I would find myself out of a job until June, I would have told you to go fly a kite. Because let’s be honest: business has been good here on Maui! We have some of the best wedding professionals around. Amazing photographers, videographers, planners, venues, DJs, florists – Maui truly has it all. But damn, things sure can change fast, can’t they? And wedding planning? I’m feeling it for my couples because Maui wedding planning during COVID-19 has changed everything.

Maui Wedding Planning: COVID-19

Wedding planning is stressful enough, let alone doing it during a pandemic. I feel ya. I remember planning my wedding in 2009 and how stressful that was. I can’t imagine doing it while the world seems to be falling apart. Be sure you’re leaning on your friends, family, and bridal party during this difficult time. And your vendors too, of course! I’m here for you!

My couples for April, May, and a few in June have decided to postpone their Maui wedding planning during the COVID-19 outbreak. And it’s something I completely support them in. Many couples who choose Maui for their destination wedding choose it because we are a half-way point between Asia, Australia, and North America (and sometimes Europe)! Not to mention that it’s amazingly beautiful.

So should you cancel your Maui Wedding because of COVID-19?


Here’s why:

  • Maui will still be here in a few months.
  • You already found your perfect vendors – and we are committed to you!
  • I promise you: your Maui wedding will be better than your Mainland wedding – even if it’s a few months or a year later.
    And in an altruistic sense, you’re helping support small business here! We appreciate you! Cheers to that!

If you need to postpone, there are a few things you need to do first:

    1. Check-in with your planner to see what dates are available. Be flexible with your dates if you want to secure all of your vendors! We are working really hard to accommodate everyone. I’m even modifying my personal vacation to help my clients!
    2. If you must forgo a specific vendor because they are unavailable on your date, be sure to check with their cancellation policy.
    3. Send out your Change the Date card! Zola has some pretty cool options and they are only charging for paper printing services! Of course, if you want to save some money, consider an e-vite!
    4. If you have wedding insurance, be sure to update them on your new date!
    5. Stay positive! Of course, none of this is ideal, but now you have a lot of time to really think through your event! Use this time to get some inspiration on Pinterest and reading through my blog!

And don’t forget: stay up to date with the news!

I’ve used several sources for my own education following COVID-19. I recommend following along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

For local Hawai’i news, I’m following along with Malika Dudley on Instagram. She responds quickly and concisely. I’ve been passing along the information I’m learning on my COVID-19 highlight reel on my Instagram feed.

Governor Ige announced a “Stay At Home” order that goes in effect yesterday – Thursday, March 26 – until April 30, 2020. During this time, we can only leave our homes for essential things like medications, food, and exercise.

Additionally, my husband runs Premier Restoration. They’re cleaning a lot of places people frequent to keep the public safe. Watch this public safety announcement my husband made (thanks Hum the Harmony for filming this!)

Planning your Maui Wedding with COVID-19
What I’m doing for Angela Nelson Photography clients

As mentioned above, I’m keeping in contact with all of my ANP 2020 clients and being as absolutely transparent as I can be. I’ve reached out and encouraged some couples to change their date as I don’t think Hawai’i will be back up and running by the time late May rolls around. June and July are still up in the air.

No date change fees either. If I’m free, I’m there. I’ve already adjusted my vacation schedule and cleared the calendar to help my clients.

My number one concern is with my couples. I’m here for you; for better or worse. You’re part of the ANP family now!

I hope this article helps you when planning your Maui wedding during COVID-19! Maui will still be here when all is said and done and we are ready to help you plan the best day ever!

Questions? Concerns? Virtual hugs? I gotchu. Drop me a line and let’s chat!



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