When you live on Maui, you make your friends into your family. Many of us here are transplants, with our closest next-of-kin an ocean away. So when Heather and Josh announced that they were expecting, we knew that we really wanted to go out of our way to make it a special experience for the both of them.

Along with the help of our friend Cat, we put together a gender reveal party for Josh and Heather. That meant that the only two people who knew the sex of their baby was Cat and me; it was a lot of pressure. Before the reveal, Josh really tested my poker face. I pulled it off, thankfully, but it was a huge relief once they found out!¬†I can’t take full credit for this gender reveal idea, but Cat and I really figured out how to make it unique and our own ūüôā

Our friends met us down at Chang’s Beach in Wailea on a blustery Sunday afternoon. We grilled, made hakus, and talked story–and prepared for the reveal! Cat and I had filled water guns and water bottles (because, let’s be honest, water guns are expensive!) with blue, yellow, and green paint for the reveal. ¬†When we were about 40 minutes from sunset, I called everyone out to the beach.

The look on Heather and Josh’s face was absolutely priceless.

Chang's Beach in Maui, Hawaii

BBQ at Chang's Beach in Maui

Girls trying to read a sonogram

sonogram reading

Girls making Hakuleis

couple dressed in white ready for gender reveal

Couple in front of friends before gender reaveal

Couple getting squirted with blue paint for gender reveal

it's a boy gender reveal party

couple with blue paint for gender reveal

couple covered in pain for gender reveal

it's a boy gender reveal ideas

couple kissing after gender reveal

couple in blue with sonogram after gender reveal

couple kissing in the surf in Maui

Couple on the beach in Maui after gender reveal

Cute gender reveal ideas - Maui Photographer_0020

As an added bonus check ou this video that we GoPro’d (courtesy of Mel)! The good stuff starts at 1:10.

And thank you to Chris Toll for these fun behind the scenes pictures. That’s me below trying to get my over-zealous husband to stop squirting them!!Maui gender reveal behidn the scenes photographer

Thank you to everyone who came out to make this gender reveal possible! And congratulations Josh and Heather!!

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  1. That is amazing and so sweet … Sniff sniff ūüôā Thank you for sharing this special time with us, the friends who are across an ocean and a continent! Can’t wait to see you soon miss Heather Hearon!!!!

  2. Thank you Lillie ūüôā It was a lot of fun finding out our little peanut is a boy. We really had no idea! Cat and Angie are good at keeping a secret! Can’t wait to see you too Lil! Only a few more days!

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