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I’ve had this one sitting in my blogging-bank for a bit now. But you know how when something is hard to write about that sometimes you just put it off? Well, that’s how I feel about this Wailea Beach Engagement Photography session with my buddy Taima.

Taima was one of my first real friends here on Maui and I’ve seen her weather some really tough storms since our friendship began seven years ago. We’ve paddled countless miles together, watched innumerable sunsets, and danced our asses off at our canoe club parties. We’ve traveled to Australia, had the best belly laughs, and she’s fixed me up countless times after I’ve injured myself (she’s an amazing physical therapist).

Taima is one of the strongest people I’ve ever met and her growth as a person has inspired me time and time again. She’s like a good wine; she just gets better with age.

Yup. I’m excited.

The excitement I have when it comes to sharing this new chapter with her is beyond words. I was skeptical meeting Jesse  – as all friends are when they meet someone their friend has fallen for. I wanted to be sure that my friend was going to be taken care of; that this man was going to treat her like the badass babe I know her to be. Truthfully, he earned that faster than I expected. I attribute that completely to the fact that he really, truly adores my friend. He loves her fiercely and knows a good woman when he sees one.

Listening to him talk about her actually made me tear up. Admittedly, that’s easier to do nowadays than it used to be (read: I’m-a-mom-now-and-everything-makes-me-cry). But even so, I’m incredibly happy that she found Jesse and Jesse found her. And I’m stoked to photograph their wedding in September (on my birthday, no less)! Oh – and Anthony will be officiating and Eddy the flower girl! It’s a Nelson family affair, y’all!

For our session together, Taima chose one of my favorite beaches in Wailea and I paired it with one of my favorite scenic spots right next door! In addition, she brought her super awesome derpy-dog Mali for our session too!

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Taima-girl and Jesse: I’m so excited for this next awesome chapter in your lives. And I’m even more happy that I get to be there to document one of your best days. September can’t come soon enough!

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