What do dinosaurs, Freddie Mercury, and chicken nugget bouquets have in common? Easy. They were all intricate parts of Alyx and Denise’s Hotel Wailea wedding. I mean, don’t spoil it and scroll to the bottom – but I know you’re curious.

In all seriousness though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people more candidly into one another than Alyx and Denise. Their day was sprinkled with special touches. Gifts every hour leading up to their tea ceremony. Special surprise dances at the end of the night. Touching speeches. Super personalized ANIMATED slideshows (seriously – who are these people?). They pretty much set the bar for sweet touches throughout the wedding day.


The infusion of special touches throughout their day was what stood out to me the most from this beautiful wedding. But another thing I really loved was the tea ceremony. I’ve photographed tea ceremonies a few times before, but I loved the setting for this one. They used the Treehouse at Hotel Wailea as their venue for the celebration. And even though tea ceremonies are supposed to be mostly solemn, because it was Denise and Alyx, there was laughing throughout.

When I had met Alyx and Denise a few days prior during our rainy engagement session – they told me that they wanted images that reflected them. Yes, of course, some of the romantic stuff – but mostly the fun stuff. These two women laughed more on their wedding day than any other wedding I’ve ever photographed. There were moments of emotion, of course, but the laughter is what I’ll always remember. Well, that and the dinosaurs, Freddie Mercury, and chicken nugget bouquet.

I’ll end with this quote from Alyx’s sister, which I really felt summed up the day perfectly:

“My greatest wish for Alyx and Denise is just to make sure that every day your loves continues to deepen and grow. Always put your love and your family first. And always make sure you go through life with laughter!”



Big thanks to our awesome vendors who made this Hotel Wailea wedding possible:

Venue + Coordination: Kimi Hoang of  Hotel Wailea
Florist: Stems and Blooms
Videographer: Gaucho Visual Media
Harpist: Irene Ryding
DJ: DJ Liam
Officiant: Carlos Poata

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