The phone call went something like this:

We’re getting married. On New Year’s Eve. Nothing about us is traditional. Oh – and it’s going to be afterdark with candles.

I gulped. And then I got excited. See, the thing is that for photography, light is crucial. So when someone wants a candlelit ceremony, it means that (unless you’re using flash which is annoying during the ceremony) that you’re going to be super limited with what you can do with the light – or lack thereof.

But this New Year’s Eve wedding at Steeple House Kapalua turned out to be the right mix of beauty, emotion, and challenge.

We started with the bride getting ready at her condo just down the road from the Steeple House. I’ll tell ya what – it was really strange doing getting ready shots with the sun setting just outside.  But I just loved the whole vibe of the wedding. The bridesmaids got to choose their favorite evening gowns (though the bride chose their color for them!). Everyone was laid back. The details were minimal but the emotion was real.

bride getting ready for candlelit NYE wedding

bride's daughter watching her get ready

bride getting ready

bride putting on perfume

bride walking down the aisle during candlelit wedding

bride walking down aisle at steeple house kapalua

candlelit ceremony at steeple house kapalua

ceremony just outside steeple house kapalua

bride's daughter during wedding at steeple house kapalua

bride drinking wine during vows

bride and groom exchanging vows at candlelit ceremony

recessional at steeple house kapalua

processional at steeple house kapalua

signing marriage document at steeple house kapalua

twisted tiki drinks at steeple house kapalua

fire dancing at hawaii wedding

first dance at steeple house kapalua

first dance at steeple house kapalua

groom lifting up bride during first dance

first dance at steeple house

reception at steeple house in kapalua

creative after dark portraits for candlelit NYE wedding

speeches at steeple house kapalua

bride and groom looking at one another during speeches

sparkler exit at steeple house kapalua

sparkler exit while raining at steeple house kapalua

From wine-laden vows to a sudden downpour during the sparkler exit, this wedding was full of twists, turns, and unexpected joy. Thanks for letting me be a part of this candlelit New Year’s Eve wedding at Steeple House Kapalua!

And thanks to our excellent vendors for making it happen!

Maui Wedding Venue: Maui Pineapple Chapel
Maui wedding photographer: Angela Nelson Photography
Hair and Makeup: Bree Rubin Hair and Makeup
Bar: Twisted Tiki
DJ: DJ Teddy Rux
Catering: Tarragon Maui catering

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