When Abby and Mike approached me about capturing their day as their Hawaii elopement photographer, they had one request: they wanted it to be more than just your typical wedding photoshoot. They wanted a day filled with meaning, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. And let me tell you, their Maui elopement did not disappoint!

We kicked off the day at the stunning Andaz in Wailea. This is one of my favorite Maui hotels so I knew we would want to take advantage of the grounds.

After a heartfelt first look at the Andaz grounds, which left not a dry eye in sight, we were off to our next destination: Haven’s in Kihei. Why? Because Abby and Mike had burgers on their first date. So naturally, we had to relive that by ordering some of the best burgers in Maui! I even had one myself!

Portraits in ‘Iao Valley

The next stop for this Hawaii elopement photographer was at ‘Iao Valley. There Abby and Mike exchanged heartfelt gifts and savored those nostalgic burgers amidst the lush greenery and serene mountain river. My favorite part was the look of surprise on Mike’s face when Abby gifted him Chris Stapleton tickets alongside a personalized Bible. Each of their gifts was so heartfelt and creative. Well done, guys.

But our Maui escapade was far from over. Next, we stopped a one of my favorite spots on Maui’s North Shore. This side of the island has crystal-clear blue water and expansive views of the West Maui Mountains. We had a dress snafu, but luckily I had a safety pin in my fanny pack (never leave home without it!) and I was able to patch her up before heading to our next location.

We made our way to Ocean Vodka, where heartfelt letters from friends and family awaited. Amidst the gusty winds, we raised a toast to love, laughter, and the adventures that lie ahead. Mike was particularly nervous about reading the letters from his co-workers, but their sense of humor and love came through crystal clear.

Eloping in Hawaii atop Haleakala

And finally, the moment we had all been waiting for: atop the epic Haleakalā, where Abby and Mike exchanged vows atop Maui’s dormant volcano. Despite a last-minute change in ceremony location due to the wind, Abby and Mike embraced the unexpected.

We toasted with some sparkling cider, ate a cake that was arranged by Abby’s mom (with JOML written atop standing for “Joy of My Life”), and hid behind some rocks to stay out of the wind.

An Unexpected Twist

But our adventure wasn’t quite over yet. We made one last stop at my favorite spot in Haleakalā – the crater. Despite the swirling clouds and unpredictable winds (guys – this is the most wind and clouds I’ve ever seen), Haleakalā granted us a few precious moments to capture the perfect shots, even if it meant Mike borrowing my hat to keep his ears warm!

Sunset? Well, we didn’t get to see too much of that as the clouds had rolled in and the winds were gusting at 60mph – BUT we had an adventure, didn’t we? And we made a story that they’ll tell their friends, family, and someday, their children.

As I packed up my camera gear, I couldn’t help but feel grateful to have been a part of their extraordinary adventure – a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories (and I was so grateful to have a hot bath waiting for me back at home! brrrr!).

Getting married isn’t just about saying “I do” – it’s about embracing less-than-perfect moments, cherishing every experience – both extraordinary and challenging, and embarking on a journey of endless adventures together.

Truly, there’s no better way to celebrate love than by curating a day that is memorable and full of magic. Cheers to love, laughter, and a lifetime of adventures!

A big thank you to the people who made put their love, care, and talents into Abby and Mike!
Hair and Makeup by Simply Beauty Maui
Flowers by Bella Bloom
Officiant Vene Chun

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